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April Favorites

Hello, all! I know lately we have been dealing with tremendous change. With COVID-19 among us, it has been hard to stay in a normal routine. I didn't know whether to continue with posting blog related content. However, I think we all like to see something else other than COVID-19 news. So - if you like fashion, skincare, organization, etc., then I think you will like this blog.


First up, recently I had to purchase a new laptop due to a pipe bursting in our house which led to water soaking my laptop. I loved my original Macbook so I decided to upgrade to a newer laptop. Of course, the week before the newest Macbook Air released I got the Gold Macbook air from BestBuy. I should've waited a week, but I got a fabulous deal on my Macbook Air. It was originally $1100, but at BestBuy they had a deal for only $899, so we couldn't pass it up. Right now at BestBuy they have the SAME deal going on. AND you get 1 year FREE of AppleTV+. Check it out here. Such an amazing deal for anyone in search of a new laptop or college students that want a Mac but for a better price. So far I love the Gold Macbook Air and it has Retina display which is awesome. If you do browsing, light editing, blogging, it is perfect for you. If you want to do heavier editing I would recommend the Macbook Pro. Current pricing for the Pro is $1,299.

Here is a picture of my Gold Macbook Pro - it is such a beautiful color, has a great display, easy to type keyboard and large track pad as well. New on the Macbook Air is the touch ID in the top right. You can scan your fingerprint so you can use your finger to turn it on and off, and you can use it if you want to make payments online that your card is connected to which is a nice feature.


The big thing I have been working on lately is staying organized. I have been trying to find a planner that works more for me. I found this new company called MochiThings which is located in Seattle, Washington. If you know me at all, you know I have WAY too many planners, notebooks, etc. It is a slight obsession. However, I love writing my thoughts and my ideas down. And lately, I have had a lot on my mind so putting pen to paper is very therapeutic for me. I found the company MochiThings on Facebook at 1 AM. To be honest, I was extremely hesitant to order because it was a random ad on Facebook; however, I looked up reviews and they were really good and pricing was great. They truly have SO many options to choose from. They have over 112 pages of items you can choose from. And their customer service is superb. I made two separate orders and I messed up putting my email in. When I asked if they received me first order I received an email back in a matter of minutes. They verified that they received my order and sent the shipment tracking to me so I had it to follow. It was amazing how fast they responded and my shipment came within 2 days. They had a sale at that time, and right now they have a Spring Sale going on to save 15-40% on all items listed. WOO HOO! Below, are the items I bought.

I purchased a laptop case, 2 planner/organizers, and 1 notebook (pictured below). The material used was incredibly high quality and the colors were beautiful. I love how classic the colors are and the sleek design makes it great for both men and women to use. Another bonus is that the items were a little bit smaller so it is perfect for anyone that carries a smaller bag around.

First one up is the beautiful Laptop case. I got the black and white laptop case, which fits 13" laptops. This case was originally $55 but right now it is only $39. My Macbook Air fits perfectly and this case fits under your arm and looks as if you're carrying a clutch. The two beads in the front go through the front flap to secure the front. There is a small pocket as well to fit a small notebook, business cards, receipts, etc. I love that it isn't bulky and it is such a simple design. There is a multitude of colors as well to choose from.

Next item is the vegan leather binder. Originally $39, now $27.96. I love that you can put different notebooks on the inside. For me, I bought 4 inserts that I can draw or write in, which cost around $8. Also, it has an area for meetings or plans to write in as well. This is a very small notebook, and it has 4 card slots inside for business, credit or debit cards if you want to use it more as a go to wallet as well.

I absolutely love the band that goes around as well. There are bands on the inside that you slide your inserts through to secure your planners inside. Such a simple idea and works extremely well.

I ordered two other planners - one with a draw string and the other with the front beads like the laptop case. The dark green planner - the color gives a hint of blue which is absolutely stunning. When opened up, I have an insert that is great for your to-do lists or grocery lists. These inserts are only $4 right now, so I stocked up and got 5 of these that way I have plenty of paper to use for my lists. Inside there are two inserts in front for cards, receipts, coupons, etc. In the pictures online, it shows the bottom left slot to put your phone in if you want to take just your phone, card/check/cash, and grocery list into store. Behind the insert I have another notepad just in case.

The next notebook is a blush planner that has a string for the front. Originally $53, now only $37. I bought an insert that works as a planner. However, there are tons of options of paper/inserts to use for all planners on the website. I have been a huge fan of bullet journaling to make my planner work for me. I can design it however I want and it keeps it organized how I like. This planner has multiple clear inserts to put different notebook inserts in. I ordered the "Section Note" Also, there is a zippered clear pouch in the back. I think this would be great to keep track of all of your bills, checks, etc. Again, multiple card slots inside to put whatever you would like.

For all the planners, notebooks, and inserts I spent around $150 for everything. You don't have to spend that much, but I got a lot of items for a really good price. Especially with the sale going on, so head on over and get some really great deals!


If you have Instagram, some of you may have heard of the company, Billie. This company makes razors, shaving cream, skincare products, and more. I have struggled to find a good razor lately, and I usually ended up getting men's razors because women's razors don't work well in my opinion. I heard that the company Billie made affordable razors, that give you the BEST shave. I heard that they made great dry shampoo as well so I wanted to give it a shot. AND, they are a completely CLEAN company, which made it hard not to want to try.

I got online and ordered the Razor Starter Kit, which includes a razor, the magnet magic holder, and two extra blades (ALL for only $9). Then I got their Floof dry shampoo in Light, I love my Monat dry shampoo but wanted to try a powder one instead. The Floof dry shampoo is only $14. I added two more items to my cart, the shave cream ($8) and the razor travel case ($5).

Once I received the package in the mail, I couldn't wait to try the products. And LET ME TELL YOU - the products were incredible. Truly the BEST shave I have ever had, my legs were left so smooth after trying, my skin felt moisturized and so so soft. Fair warning though, the smell of the shave cream isn't the greatest but it makes your legs so so smooth. All of the products came in such cute packaging and fun colors. But it was amazing to have a razor that WORKS and keeps my legs smooth. Also, I was very impressed with the dry shampoo. It soaks up all of the oils and doesn't leave a gritty texture.

I wanted to share with you all what is called the Pink Tax Rebate. Put your email in and refer your friends. When you refer a friend you get up to $20 credit on Billie products! I couldn't get a promo code, but this way you can get some money towards a purchase!


Next up is one of my favorite brands - American Eagle/Aerie. No matter what they always have great deals all year round.

I got this one piece swimsuit that has 2 cutouts in the middle. It is super cute, and for any one that has curves it is such a flattering swimsuit. I love that it comes with straps as well to feel more supported. Originally it was $59.95, now only $29.97. I love the print on this, and would be perfect for a tropical beach vacation. I would have loved to have this for Hawaii - until next time though.

The other piece of clothing I got was this super cute dress. So simple, and super flattering for curves with the tie front. I paired it with a pair of booties as a super cute transition to spring; however, it would be perfect as a beach cover up as well since it is lightweight. This will definitely be a staple in my closet.



On my Instagram/Facebook stories I have mentioned a few cleansers. But currently my holy grail product is the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm. I have normal/combo skin and this product has been amazing for it. It melts my makeup away and leaves my skin super soft. It completely cleared my skin. I usually get breakouts during that time of the month; however, I haven't been noticing it anymore. I know, the price is a little steep at $64, but if you want to try it they have the travel size version for only $14. Definitely give it a try, it is worth it!


A couple new products for me is the Summer Fridays Super Amino Gel Cleanser ($38) and the Lip Butter Balm ($22). I have loved the Summer Fridays line, their Jet Lag Mask ($48, mini version $25) I have and it truly is so moisturizing and plumps the skin to make it super hydrated. (Check this mask out) Anyways, I have used the Super Amino Gel Cleanser twice and I have used it after my Elemis Balm. It really cleanses the skin and I am using it as my morning cleanser as well. It comes in this super pretty glass teal bottle and there is over 5 oz of product so it will last forever! It keeps my face super soft and so far I love it - will definitely give update after a couple months.

The Lip Butter balm is super great too, another product that will last forever due to how thick the balm is you have to use barely any on your lips - super moisturizing.


I have been selling Monat for about a year and a half and I have been loving what it has done for my hair and skin. I just recently started using the 30 second miracle ($63) from Monat and it depuffs my under eyes and makes you look super awake in less than a minute. Applying makeup on afterwards is a breeze. You only tiny amount so the tube will last you a long time.



A great highlighter for you to use is the Translucent Powder - Glow. I recommend the travel size since it is significantly cheaper. You can use it as an all over face powder but I recommend just the regular translucent powder so it isn't too much shimmer. Great thing is the mini versions are only $23, compared to full size which is $39.


Top foundation I have used the past few months has been the Urban Decay Stay Naked ($39) foundation. I love that the foundation still feels like my own skin and doesn't feel heavy. Here is a picture with me using the foundation. I got so many compliments with this foundation. Evens out skin tone by getting rid of redness, but still a breathable foundation where you are able to see your freckles too.


If you all like podcasts then you NEED to listen to Crime Junkie podcast. Two women, Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat, discuss all things true crime, and cover some of the most insane cases I have ever heard of. Some are ones you have heard of and then they cover cases that have received hardly any media attention. These two women have been long time best friends and truly have an amazing podcast. Also, they have a fan club you can join and get extra episodes of the podcast and get merch. You can join the podcast for only $5 a month, or if you want more content the highest membership is $20 I believe. This is where you can get first pick on tickets to their live shows as well.

To listen to them:

If you have an iPhone click on the icon "Podcasts" and search for Crime Junkie and start listening there.

If you have an android you can listen straight from their website under Episodes. OR Go to Google Play Music app on your smartphone. Click on the Menu button (3 horizontal lines), click on Podcasts and then search for Crime Junkie, click and then start listening!


Here is a link to North Face where you get 50% off on their website for being a healthcare worker. Follow the steps by filling out the information, they will verify your license and then you will be given a promo code for 50% off! Verification takes minutes! Super easy!

WHEW. Okay, guys those are all things linked in the blog for today. I know it was a long one but we made it through! Please stay tuned for more coming up on the blog. Please keep an eye out for my Youtube video so you can see all of these products.

To all of you beauties remember - love and kindness always.



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