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Luxury Looks on a Budget!

On Instagram, you see so many with high end luxury brands: Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Gucci, and more. For most of us, we can't afford those items - or we go on Poshmark to get an older version of a luxury brand and save a lot of money! But what if you could get the same exact look for literally hundreds less? Let me show you.

On my stories the other day I did a haul of items that have been my go to pieces to wear. Here on the blog I am breaking down these items and linking where you can buy them. These pieces are so good and really elevate your outfits for a girls night out, date night, or if you just want to look good for you!

Option 1:

First up, I took a basic tank top and distressed jeans for the look. My motto is the simpler the better. By adding a basic top and jeans you can accessorize with cute shoes, jackets, bags, etc. To elevate the look I added these pointed Michael Kors heels that I bought from Marshall's. Any pointed heels in any variety of colors would look fabulous. But I LOVE neutral colors - probably a little too much, so I went with black. This is a super cute outfit on it's own but the heels add a more feminine look.

Option 2:

To elevate the outfit a little I added this SUPER cute and comfortable blazer from Walmart for only $30. This is an EXACT dupe for the Balmain blazer that retails for $2,000. This jacket is super popular and is currently sold out in the cream, but does have some sizes in different colors. The material on this blazer is incredibly soft and looks VERY high end! The Balmain blazer is pictured on the right and this dupe from Walmart is just incredible! I hope it comes back in stock very very soon. This look could be worn for a night out that still gives more of a casual look and not too dressed up.

TIP: Replace the jeans with black dress pants for a more dressed up look or even for work.

Also - in the right picture I switched out the black pumps for these adorable white mules from Express. This is another option for shoes to change the look a bit. These were on clearance for $30 at Express. My recommendation is to ALWAYS check out sales/clearance racks - you can find hidden gems like these. Here is a similar shoe option if you like the look!

Option 3:

Okay - this look is 100% my favorite look. This trench coat I bought off of H&M for only $59.99. This is an amazing dupe for the Burberry trench coat. Burberry is another luxury brand and their coat retails for around $1700. The color is incredible for all year round and the buttons are tortoise color that really makes it look more high end. I sized up but if you order this coat get it in your regular size. It is true to size. The quality is amazing and is a great piece for those rainy days we have been having in Ohio lately. This dupe comes with a belt as well like the Burberry, this trench by H&M was well made and really hit the mark to look high end. I paired this outfit with the white heels, but you could do a pair of flats for a simple look to run errands, go shopping, etc.

Option 4:

This is an outfit I bought from a local company, Farmhouse Frocks. Every item of clothing is made by hand by Amish women. The owner Lena and her daughters run the shop and the quality is incredible. I haven't made it to their store in person, but I ordered from their online and the packaging is absolutely adorable when it comes in the mail. They make every woman that buys clothing from there for beautiful and lets them know that no matter what size that you deserve to feel beautiful.

Farmhouse Frocks Packaging

Pictured below is what is on the tags of their clothing. Reading that on your tag as a woman is empowering and beautiful. These ladies truly know how to make a woman feel good.

This piece is the "Rita Romper" from Farmhouse Frocks. They have multiple colors but this is their new color "Raspberry" for the Spring line. I am telling you - this is the most comfortable I have ever felt in anything. The material is heavenly, the length is perfect at my ankles with the rolled bottom. These are true to size but have a bigger fit so you could size down. I kept my regular size and I love the looser fit. I tried this on with a long sleeve and just the tank I had on from earlier, but this would be adorable with a white tee shirt underneath as well. This is a great outfit for Spring/Summer to work around the house in. Or you can wear as a jumper with some heels as pictured to give a more fun/flirty look for the warmer months. I would pair this with a cream/white heel or flat for those warmer months. Such a simple look but so fun!

The finale for this blog is my new go to bag for all eternity. For about a year and a half I have wanted to buy the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Damier Azur bag. Unfortunately, it is a $1,400 bag. The bag is huge and fits SO much. But what if I told you that you could get a total dupe for only $50?

On the left is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, to the right is the dupe from WALMART. YES, Walmart! I know I couldn't believe it either! I have been using this bag for about a month and the quality is remarkable. It comes with a pouch as well just like the Neverfull. The brand of bag is "Daisy Rose" and they have so many colors to choose from.

This was the matching wallet I bought as well. It is the same pattern and has a luxury feel to it. The material is great and holds a lot! And the last purchase with it was a purse organizer. This organizer is INCREDIBLE and keeps everything sitting up and easy to find in your purse. I hate digging through a huge bag so this organizer made it extremely easy to find everything. If you look up "Neverfull purse organizer" you can find other ones as well.

Alright, everyone. I hope this gives you some ideas on how to style a simple outfit and get a luxury look on a BUDGET. Fashion is to be chic, sophisticated, and fun. But remember, you don't have to go broke to be fashionable.

To all of you beauties, remember - love and kindness always.

- B

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