Frequently asked questions

Why did you start Beautifully Brennae?

I started Beautifully Brennae to give all women and men inspiration. No matter what size, gender or sexual orientation - I want all people to come to my page feeling loved and beautiful. An unbelievable amount of negativity is in our world and it is disheartening. Starting this blog can show all people that no matter what shape or size - you are beautiful. This platform is used to let everyone know that they are perfect just the way they are no matter what anyone says.

What makeup product can you not live without?

The makeup product I can't live without is MAC Face and Body foundation. This is the foundation that I wear ALL year round. The wonderful thing about it is that you can wear it in the summer as a light foundation to cover redness or blemishes. AND you can wear it when you need a fuller coverage as well. This foundation is buildable where you can add more and more, which gives a fuller coverage but doesn't become cakey.

If someone handed you $1000 right now to spend on fashion or beauty stuff, what would you buy?

If I had $1000 to spend I would buy my first luxury bag. The bag I have ALWAYS wanted is a Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM. Hopefully one day here soon!

Other than blogging, what do you like to do for fun?

For fun, I like spending time with my husband and my dogs. Also, I love watching movies from any genre or era. I am not picky about what I like to do. I am an easy going person and I am usually up for anything. My husband and I love to go to Indians games as well. It is a summertime favorite for us.

What are your fave brands?

My top fave brand is American Eagle/Aerie for the no retouching policy and their love for women of all sizes. I have other favorite brands but American Eagle is at the top of my life for their body positivity and self- love. It is incredible to see a brand be inclusive when we have so many brands that are not inclusive. I applaud American Eagle for truly all they do to bring self confidence to so many girls and women.